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Issue: 135

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Layonara Studios Releaes - Goblin and Orc Hordes
Oakhurst, CA - Layonara Studios has released Goblin Hordes and Orc Hordes for game masters around the world.

These publications are intended to fall in to the hands of game masters that wish to have a clan of orcs or goblins to torment their players with. Each orc and goblin clan as well as individual orc or goblin is able to be dropped into any location within any world with little to no work involved on the part of the GM. Included is a short description of each clan’s beliefs and outlook on life and four types of orcs and goblins within the clan that do battle with opponents. There is also a defined loot drop for each clan and gorgeous encounter cards for each creature defined. For those that like good artwork there are many fantastic illustrations included as well.

All the GM needs to do is print out the clan or creature information, sit at the table, roll the dice, and hide the GM smile that so many players know and love--as well as fear.

To purchase the products as a bundle just follow this link:
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2007-07-04 08:25:16
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