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Issue: 130

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Explore the World of Ordn Online!
Our World of Ordn role playing supplements and adventures all reference lands within, well, the World of Ordn. So what is the World of Ordn? What are the Pyrianthine Lands that Westbrook and The Master's Decree speak of? A Collection of Fantastic Weapons refers to lots of different places. What are they? Read on to find out, and to explore the rest of the World of Ordn Fantasy World Setting!

If you look at the right-hand column on the 3am Games web site, you will see a new box entitled The World of Ordn. Within this box is a link to an introduction to the world. Click it and read the basics.

In the coming weeks and months, we'll post more information about Ordn and the lands within. This week's article describes the difference between the World of Ordn and ordinary campain settings that we've seen so many of. Next week, look for an overview of the world - including a beautifully rendered map from cartographer Keith Curtis!

As we introduce new lands within the World of Ordn, links will appear in our World of Ordn box. You'll find an overview of each, along with descriptions of various important people and places. Over time, you'll see a pretty comprehensive overview of the World of Ordn.

It's important to remember that, just because a new link to a new land doesn't show up in the box, it doesn't mean that there's no new information available. Keep checking back, and poke around the links. You'll find plenty of new fodder for your games, and all of those refrences in the World of Ordn books that you already have will start to make sense!
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2007-06-10 12:34:48
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