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Issue: 125

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Surpassing a Readership of 7000, Polymancer’s ad rates drop across the board in celebration.
Lug Ads the cheapest anywhere - 12 lug ads for $12!

 (MONTREAL) : In celebration of Polymancer Studios gaming related publication Polymancer® magazine’s readership surpassing 7000, all of its ad rates have been dropped across the board to the cheapest level and best cost to return ratio in the industry. A cost saving that will no doubt please games publishers and games manufacturers alike. These lowered ad rates are only available to GPA, GAMA, or MAGMA members.

  Of particular note is the minimal cost of running (in print) lug ads – 12 lug ads for $12 (USD). As an example, people taking advantage of this offer could purchase for the minimal fee of $12 a “lug” ad that would placed into 12 issues of Polymancer magazine, a general gaming magazine with a circulation of 7,000+.   For people unfamiliar with what a lug ad is here is a description. A “lug” is similar to an ad in the Yellow Pages™ or a catalog listing. They measure 2 1/8 inches wide by 1 ¼ inches high.

 Since Polymancer magazine appeals to gamers of all kinds (RPG, miniatures, wargame, LARP, board, card, etc.) and is “system independent” – containing articles that are designed to be useful to gamers of all kinds regardless of which rules system they prefer – advertising in Polymancer gives game companies exposure to the broadest possible spectrum of consumers in the game hobby market. At $1 per ad, any game company can now afford print advertising.

 Anyone interested should contact the advertising department of Polymancer Studios by sending an email to
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2007-05-25 18:04:13
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