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Contest Reminder
Deadline for entry into our free support magazine for games manufacturers or publishers contest ends soon.

 This is just a reminder that there is only 1 more week left for anyone wanting to enter into our free support magazine contest. For those of you not familiar with this contest or just missed our previous press releases and emails on what this contest is all about here is a recap:

------------Brief Contest Recap-------------

 Polymancer Studios is holding a contest that will be accepting entrants until the end of May, 2007 and is open to all games manufacturers / publishers, miniatures with supporting rules systems manufacturers / publishers, and wargames manufacturers / publishers that produces some sort or form of roleplaying or tabletop rules system that could benefit from the prize.

 However, that being said, we do not want to exclude any of our sister companies who may feel left out just because they do not produce RPGs or rules systems; so if you are a CCG/CG producer, board games producer, minis maker, freelancer, or do not fit into any of those categories please enter anyways as we have another surprise in store for that lucky winner.

 The prize of the contest for some lucky winner is the following:
  • Their very own (printed) support magazine; by support we mean it will feature articles, features, etc. all geared to the winner's product line.
  • Distribution of said magazine through our distribution network throughout Canada, the US, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Use of our staff of writers and artists for the new magazine.
  • Polymancer Studios will provide all the financing for this new publication, as well as layout, prepress, printing, and distribution, etc. A full package deal provided free to the winner(s).
"Free you say?!?!? There must be a hidden catch."
  No, none at all, read on dear friends.

"Why is PMS doing this? What are they getting out of it??"
  We (Polymancer Studios that is) are getting the following benefit from this contest:
  • Increasing (every little bit helps) the fan base and exposure of the game (RPG) hobby, which benefits us and the industry as a whole. More fans = more consumers, more consumers = reversing the slump that the RPG market is in, reversing the slump = more exposure for small companies and their products as alternatives to try, more exposure for small and medium sized companies = more exposure for us as part of that industry.
  • Increasing the number of readers of in-print magazines for the games and rpg hobbies; which benefits us.
  • Increasing our exposure.
  • Increasing our standing amongst our brother and sister companies as a source for help and support.
Now you would also be asking yourself, "What is the benefit for me and my company by entering? Will it really benefit me?"
  • Increasing the fan base and exposure of your product(s) to the game playing and game buying public .. thus your bottom line.
  • Increasing the game buying publics alternatives when they go to their favorite hobby retailer or book trade location ... which translates into an increase in the number of people choosing this form of entertainment to invest time into .. which again translates into a larger game buying base of consumers who will choose to go with something different .. again this benefits the winner in oh so many ways.
  • Increased profits for the winner.
 Now if you would like to enter, just send us a brief email ( to introduce yourself and your company to us as well as the product line you would like to use the support of the magazine for. Again if you do not have an RPG or rules systems supported product line and you want to enter (I encourage you to) send us an email telling us about yourself.


 The response has been phenomenal and for this many thanks in making this contest such a success.

 Yadira Rodriguez
 Executive Assistant


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