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Strange World RPG Sneak Peek #3 Is Now Available
(Londonderry, NH) May 5, 2007 – The room is dark, candlelight casting eerie shadows on the walls. Everyone is seated around the table with their heads bowed and eyes closed. They are linking hands. The place is deathly quiet. Then, a woman speaks. "Who is here?" she asks the darkness, her light voice floating calmly through the room.

"Garrett." The answer came rasping from the woman’s mouth, but it was not her. The low, rasping male sound came in an old English accent, replacing the woman’s southern.

Suddenly, the table began to rise. Several people at the table jumped in their seats and opened their eyes. They gasped at what they saw. The table had risen a foot off the ground—all by itself!

"Why do you disturb me?" The voice that was Garrett cut the air like a knife. The woman’s eyes opened and Garrett glared at them through her eyes.

The third of several Strange World Sneak Peeks has been released. It is an actual excerpt from the book presented to show you what the game will be like. Each Sneak Peek will give you something that you can use in your Now Playing or Fudge games right away.

"I want to make sure that everyone knows that Strange World is progressing and will be released," says Bradford Younie, President of Carnivore Games. "As a gamer, I hate waiting for an upcoming product and having no idea when it is coming. These Sneak Peeks help to show that the game is still coming, as well as giving a good peek at what it will be like. It’s kind of like browsing through the book at the store—except you do it in the comfort of your home."

"Strange World" is a roleplaying game that immerses you in the reality of the paranormal. You play a team of paranormal investigators hunting ghosts, searching for Bigfoot, working with psychics, and uncovering UFO conspiracies. As both a horror roleplaying game and a non-fiction book on the paranormal, you play in a world that is as real as the one you live in!

You can download all of the Strange World Sneak Peeks and learn more about Strange World at .

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