Rattrap Productions LLC is happy to announce that WarPath Games, a distributor in California, is now stocking our entire line of products. Whether you are looking to stock our popular pulp rules (.45 Adventure and its supplements) or swashbuckling (Gloire) or our growing line of miniatures, you can find them all at WarPath Games.

WarPath is also taking retailer pre-orders for our next supplement Under the Black Flag. This is the first supplement for Gloire and covers the pirates of the Caribbean. The book is set to be released on June 1st.

WarPath Games is a wholesale distributor of miniature wargames and supplies serving game and hobby stores in the USA and Canada. You can check out their product listing here:

Rattrap Productions LLC produces a growing line of miniature adventure games. Their popular .45 Adventure ruleset now has three supplements covering everything from Weird War to Mongolian adventures with more on the way