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Demon Hunters Role Playing Game
Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. teams up with Dead Gentlemen Productions to create a story based on the cult-favorite Demon Hunters films and create new DVD-based video content for the game.


Jamie Chambers - Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. (262-725-3518)
Don Early - Dead Gentlemen Productions (253-627-7774)

March 27, 2007 (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin) — Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. has reached an agreement with Dead Gentlemen Productions to produce role playing game products based on their cult-hit films, Demon Hunters and Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake.

“We’ve been fans of Dead Gentlemen’s films for years now,” says Jamie Chambers, Vice President of MWP. “We started with The Gamers and loved it, and quickly moved onto the Demon Hunters films. It occurred to us immediately that the basic premise of the movies would make a perfect set-up for games. Warriors for heaven fighting demons and monsters on Earth!”

Demon Hunters and its sequel follows members of the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch, a team with a mandate from heaven to eliminate and destroy evil in the mortal realm. The films follow the Brotherhood in tracking down a ravaging Earthwalker demon known as Duamerthrax the Indestructible and the members of the nefarious Order of the Infernal Scepter. The films contain a mix of horror, action, and comedy — a blend that will be preserved in the upcoming game.

In addition to serving as a role playing game for a horrifically fun setting, the Demon Hunters Role Playing Game will offer something never before featured in a role playing game — video content. "We have been dying for a chance to produce something again in the Demon Hunters world,” says Don Early, Executive Director of DGP. "For over 7 years now we have been developing the world and the characters, so when Margaret Weis Productions approached us about doing an RPG based on our work, we cried. No, really! It was a beautiful moment.” Each copy of the hardcover edition of the book will also include a DVD. The short film, created by Dead Gentlemen Productions for the game, can be enjoyed on its own but also serves as an "orientation and training video" for new players jumping into the Demon Hunters universe for the first-time. The game book and video will premiere at the Gen Con Game Fair this coming August in Indianapolis, Indiana and be on-sale in hobby game and mass-market bookstores in September. The game will use the Cortex System game rules used for the Serenity Role Playing Game and the Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game.

"Dead Gentlemen has gamed extensively with the Cortex System in MWP's Serenity Role Playing Game, and we're big fans of its flexibility and storytelling emphasis," says Ben Dobyns, Director of Development for Dead Gentlemen Productions, "and we felt that Cortex was a natural fit for the characters, world, and thousands of possible stories to be told in the Demon Hunters universe."

“I feel like we’ve come full circle,” says Matt Vancil, Head Writer of DGP and author of the Demon Hunters and Gamers films. “Dead Gentlemen started as a group of gamers making movies. Now our movies are being made into games. All is well with the universe.”

Previews of the film content and pages from the role playing will be available online, with support on both the MWP and DG websites. Both companies look forward to working together to support the Demon Hunters RPG and hope to create game content based on other Dead Gentlemen films.

About Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.
New York Times best-selling author Margaret Weis continues to lead her company into carefully selected ventures in book and game publishing. MWP has enjoyed great success and won multiple awards, including an Origins Award (Gamer’s Choice for Best Role Playing Game in 2006) and the Gen Con EN World Awards (Best Production Values). Recent successes include the Serenity Role Playing Game and the Paths of Doom series of adventure fiction. The company will be announcing several new and exciting initiatives in the book, card game, board game, and role playing game categories during the course of 2007. Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. is based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the birthplace of hobby role playing games. Visit MWP on the company's official website at

About Dead Gentlemen Productions, Ltd.
Dead Gentlemen Productions is an independent film company based in Tacoma, Washington. Their short film, The Gamers, has been screened to rave reviews in dozens of film festivals and game conventions worldwide, garnering an award for Best Fan Film of 2003 at Gen Con in Indianapolis. The company recently completed their highly anticipated sequel to The Gamers, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, and is currently seeking theatrical distribution. Visit the Dead Gentlemen at

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