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Issue: 102

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Now Playing Roleplaying Game Available as PDF
Carnivore Games has released the Now Playing Role-playing Game as a PDF on
The PDF game market has grown much during the three years that Now Playing has been available, and the decision was made to take the product to the next step. Now Playing was the first hardcover Fudge role-playing game, and has been considered by many to be the standard full implementation of the rules-light system. To buy Now Playing as a PDF, go to

"There are a great many consumers of PDF games that do not buy print products," says Bradford Younie, president of Carnivore Games, "I want to introduce Now Playing to those consumers."

Now Playing is a generic multi-genre Fudge game that teaches you how to run any TV show as an RPG and make it truly feel like the show. Visit for more information about Now Playing and other Carnivore Games products.
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2007-03-07 21:19:35
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