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Issue: 101

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Blue Panther LLC Expands Piecepack Line
Blue Panther LLC announces the addition of JCD Piecepack by Blue Panther Set 3 (Seasons) and Travel Versions now available...

Blue Panther LLC recently added the following to its piecepack line...

Set 3 (Seasons) JCD Piecepack by Blue Panther. Available in oak or birch versions.

Travel Sets - JCD Piecepack by Blue Panther featuring smaller versions of JCD Piecepack by Blue Panther sets 1, 2 and 3. Available in birch version only.

These additions to the product line also feature 100% wooden components with laser engraved graphics.

Piecepack is a set of universal gaming components for use with over 150 published rule sets. Go to for more info.

Blue Panther LLC is a publisher of board and card games, and a provider of prototyping services and custom components to the board game industry. All Blue Panther games are made of 100% wooden components and play in one hour or less. Current titles include Cambridge, Central Pacific, Courtyard, Extreme!, Duck Duck Boom!, Sand Castles and YangTzee. Info at
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2007-03-04 15:26:44
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