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Tabletop Adventures releases Bits of Magicka™: Mystic Writings
Tabletop Adventures releases its latest release of magical treasures - Bits of Magicka™: Mystic Writings in time for GM's Day 2007!


March 1, 2007 (Lincoln, NE) — Time for a little magic – 100 detailed magical writings of all types are included in Tabletop Adventures’ latest creation – Bits of Magicka™: Mystic Writings. Done in TTA’s distinctive descriptive style, as seen in The Mother of All Treasure Tables™, these are not just your everyday scrolls!

The exceptional imagination of author Greg Ragland has turned what might seem to be fairly predictable items into unexpected pieces of adventure. In addition to scrolls and books of spells, you will find mystic writings in all shapes and sizes, some hidden or protected in a variety of ways, whose histories provide possible plot hooks or story ideas. From a scroll that can be read only in a dream to a huge sheet of brass fastened to a castle wall to a spell in the heart of a jewel, there are ‘scrolls’ here as you’ve never seen them before. This release includes item cards, extensive indexing and 82 pages of magical goodness with a sprinkling of curses just for fun!

This new release joins our other products, on sale at 25% off for GM’s Day, on our various sales sites - as a special thank you to all the hard-working gamemasters out there. Augment your imagination with products from Tabletop Adventures!

Other big news – starting in February, TTA products are available on YourGamesNow. This publisher-run cooperative sales site has over 1200 products from nearly 40 publishers. Tabletop Adventures products are also on sale on RPGNow, DriveThruRPG and the ENWorld Download Shop.

In addition, we are very excited that YourGamesNow has chosen to support the fan community and encourage excellence in gaming products as the sole corporate sponsor of the GenCon ENWorld RPG Awards (the ENnies), which have celebrated excellence in tabletop gaming since 2001.

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