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Issue: 97

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BlackWyrm Games is proud to announce the publication of an expanded book based on its winning entry in Green Ronin's True20 setting search contest.

Lux Aeternum is Ryan Wolfe's science fiction setting designed for True20 to capitalize on the strengths of the rules system. A rich and diverse setting provides the stage for political intrigue, complex moral dilemmas, and daring adventure in exotic locations. Cinematic action & high drama are key elements, paced to match the streamlined rules system that keeps the mechanics from slowing down the story.

Ryan says that Lux Aeternum pays homage to many of the classic sci-fi tropes, but has a different focus. "It is a time of sweeping changes, social upheaval, and limitless opportunity. Action, drama, and grand adventure are key elements to any tale told in this setting. Alien cultures, scattered worlds, and widely disparate technologies provide an endless amount of diversity."

In the 23rd Century, the Crucible is the collection of star systems where humanity's fate will be decided. They and other alien races sail the sea of stars like the privateers of ages past. Some wield mysterious disciplines like psionics and the Forbidden Rites of the Unified Church. All seek their fortunes among the worlds of Nexus Sector.

From the setting overview, "For king, country, or corporation, heroes take up their sword and pistol and set sail into the void. The terraformed planets of the home system offer adventure and political intrigue aplenty, while the New Worlds hold fame and fortune for those bold enough to lay claim. Whether you are a treasure hunter exploring ancient ruins, a swashbuckling starship captain fighting pirates in the cold depths of space, or an alien mystic seeking to become one with the Light Eternal, your destiny will be forged in this crucible far from home."

"Lux Aeternum" is a 118-page book, available as a PDF now for $9.95, and will the printed books will be in stores for $19.95 in March 2007. The PDF, as well as free downloads, are available at
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