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Issue: 96

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Gorilla Games to release Lifeboat card game
Adrift at sea in a victorian lifeboat with your secret love, worst enemy and a few other shady characters. What could go wrong?

Gorilla Games is pleased to announce the June release of a new full color edtion of the cult favorite "Lifeboat" card game by Jeff Siadek, designer of "Battlestations".

Lifeboat is a card game of survival and revenge for 4-6 players. Each game turn represents one day where players can row towards shore or squabble about supplies and treasures salvaged from their ship in this hilarious game that takes less than an hour to play.

This new edition has full color art from original artist Stephen K. Ratter on high quality cards. For a color preview of the cover go to:

"Lifeboat" has an MSRP of $19.95 and comes with the following components tucked in a full color box.

Lifeboat - ooc0702
90 full color cards
2 page rules
3 glass bead bird markers
40 plastic tokens to mark damage, rowing and fighting status.

For more information about this or any Gorilla Games release contact Jeff Siadek:

(310) 349-0377
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2007-02-15 10:33:49
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