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Monday, November 06, 2006 - 06:19 PM

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November 3, 2006 (Blue Springs, MO) Baeg Tobar (, a premiere online, shared world community of creators of fiction and art, has begun a unique project to enhance the Web comic experience. The home of three Web comics, Baeg Tobar is proud to announce the expansion of its Web comics through the use of illustrated footnotes. When the creators introduce an aspect of the world, even as a small detail in a drawing, readers can follow links to further explore the world through short, illustrated descriptions of wildlife, races, and cities.

"Fantasy comics have always had a hard time time gaining an audience from those with an interest in novels and RPGs. I think this is a perfect way to bring in that often overlooked audience," commented William Ward, a member of the Baeg Tobar Creators team. The first of these footnotes will appear on the site starting Monday, November 6, and add to such world resources as the Baeg Tobar encyclopedia and the forthcoming text dictionary.

Please direct any questions to

Baeg Tobar is a world brought to life by a dedicated and diverse community of artists and writers. It is a free Web site ( that brings innovative fantasy literature to online readers searching for high quality material set in a unique new world. Baeg Tobar is affiliated with Empty Room Studios, provider of high quality illustration and writing services for the creative needs of both large and small publishing companies.
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