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Press ReleasesThe Baeg Tobar collaborative online world building community is launching their newest Web comic: "Fall of Pileaus."
<p class="MsoBodyText2"><span>September 20, 2006 (Blue Springs, MO) – Baeg Tobar, a premiere online, shared world community of creators of fiction and art, is pleased to announce the launch of their newest Web comic. “The Fall of Pileaus,” written by Baeg Tobar veteran Joseph Wise, tells the story of the coming fall of a great empire, which even the seemingly omnipotent Emperor Pileaus cannot stop. Illustrators Jake Richmond, co-creator of the game Panty Explosion, and Chris Summers are working with Wise and letterer Jason Hanley to bring the Web comic to life every Wednesday, starting September 27th. </span><span> </span>

<p class="MsoBodyText2"><span></span><span>"In many ways, 'The Fall of Pileaus' will be the flagship Web comic for Baeg Tobar as it deals directly with forces that will influence just about all the stories in some way, shape, or form," Jeremy Mohler, founder and owner of Baeg Tobar, said of the story. </span><span>The creators began work on the project in March of 2006, involving many of the other Baeg Tobar writers and artists in the initial stages, as a story of this scope has a drastic effect on the shared world. </span>

<p class="MsoBodyText2"><span></span><span>"What excites me about this project is the scope," Richmond said of the project. "Drama, action, conspiracy, war, politics, betrayal and fierce characterization. Everything I dig in a good comic is right here. If I wasn't drawing it I'd still be looking forward to reading it every week." </span>

<p class="MsoBodyText2"><span></span><span>“The Fall of Pileaus” is the second Web comic launched by Baeg Tobar, following “Stoneteller,” which debuted on September 11th, 2006 and updates every Monday and Friday. These are the newest projects for the Baeg Tobar site, which currently hosts six serial novels that are updated with new chapters once a month. </span>

<p class="MsoBodyText2"><span></span><span>Please direct any questions to </span>

<p class="MsoBodyText2"><span><span>Baeg Tobar is a world brought to life by a dedicated and diverse community of artists and writers. It is a free Web site that brings innovative fantasy literature to online readers searching for high quality material set in a unique new world. Baeg Tobar is affiliated with Empty Room Studios, provider of high quality illustration and writing services for the creative needs of both large and small publishing companies. </span></span>


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