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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 - 03:22 AM

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Board of Directors

Greetings GPA members:

I hope everyone had a good time at Gen Con. I have an announcement for everyone:

Nominations for the GPA Board of Directors are now open.

This may come as a suprise, since our terms normally end at the close of the year.

We are in the process of organizing a general election to amend the guidelines to start terms on Oct. 1. The amendment requires that notification of the start of nominations be, well, now.

So what this means is: Nominations are open. However, if the guidelines amendment is voted down, nominations are invalid and new nominations will be held in November. However, if the guidelines amendment is ratified, the BoD election will commence in early September, and the new board will be seated on Oct. 1.

Please put [NOMINATION] in the subject line, and follow these rules, from our guidelines:

a. Nominations must be made in writing and sent publicly to the Game Publishers Association mailing list.

b. Only self-nominations shall be accepted.

c. Only the designated representatives of General Member companies in good standing shall be eligible for nomination. Representatives of General Member companies not in good standing, Associate Members and non-members shall be ineligible for nomination.

d. Nominations shall be accepted for not less than 14 calendar days and not more than 30 calendar days from the notice of the opening of the nominations phase. The Board of Directors shall post the closure of nominations to the GPA mailing list, by private email to the designated representative of each General Member company, and by prominent notice on the official GPA website. Nominations received after the posted close of nominations shall be ruled invalid.


I'm happy to answer questions. I know the situation is a little odd, but not unheard of. My hometown had an initiative to start a port district, and on the same ballot, people ran for port commissioner. When the port district got voted down, the port commissioner election became invalid. This is the same type of situation.

Tony Hellmann
Executive Director
Game Publishers Association

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