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(Chicago | December 17, 2014): Rogue Games brings magic to your games in April 2015.

The world is steeped in magic.

It is everywhere, inhabits everything, and fuels the desires of many.

Shadow, Sword & Spell: Magic is your guide to magic. Not only will you discover new spells and new alchemical arts, but also new options to add to your games. What options?

  • New skills

  • Rules on ether pools and ley lines

  • New magical options such as counter spelling and blood magic

  • Domain magic: Magic that allows you to harness the inherent magic that flows through the land and effects the entire domain

  • Rune magic: A long forgotten art that channels ether through inscribed runes

  • Witchcraft: The opposite of alchemy and the objects created with it have been known to bring great harm

  • Rules for the creation of random items of magical power

Pick what you want, ignore what you donít like, or use it all. Shadow, Sword & Spell: Magic is designed to enhance your magical game.

RGG 3004
150 pages, B&W softcover
Available April 2015

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