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Press ReleasesA fast paced family word game where all players take their turn at the same time!
Games Play UK are representing a fast paced family word game where all players take their turn at the same time. Redistributing tiles to make new words and completing correctly spelt words within the minute rounds.

In this game you have use your judgement at each round to choose a letter and create more versatility in the construction of your words. Wordsmith always gives each player an equal chance due to the unique letter selection method. Players then compete for an additional letter from the selector board, completed words may also be broken down and the tiles redistributed to help create new words on each round.

Head of Product Submissions said "we are delighted to be working with Wordsmith, it`s a great game as I have played it myself with work colleagues and we thoroughly enjoyed it, I love how completed words can be broken down to help create other words on the next round and how each player competes for a tile on the selector board which adds the fun element!

If you would like information on this fun word game, please contact Games Play UK Ltd directly on +44 1934 709314 or via email!

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