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Press ReleasesTrivia Tower - How high will your knowledge take you? Will you make the tower fall!?
How high can you build the tower? Will you make the tower tumble?

Roll the coloured dice & answer questions from different categories and remove coloured cups as you answer correctly, but be carefull! Don`t make the tower fall!

Can you reign supreme and become the Trivia Tower King!? This game is great fun for all ages and for your friends & family, this will get you on the edge of your seat as each game is different! Packed with educational

Trivia this game will get you playing again & again! Tumbling fun for all the family. The fantastic game that can be played in different ways to suit all abilities! It`s just as fun to play without the trivia as a colourful game of stacking and balance.

You wont be dissapointed, this is a fun and educational game that gets all the family involved!

This game is manufactured and distributed by Games Play UK Ltd and is available on

This game has had alot of publicity and continues to do so, the ultimate family game.

1+ Players
Age 5+

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