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Press ReleasesThe Rainforest animals are critically threatened by the combined impacts of hunting for the illegal trade and loss of habitat. Since the early 1990’s the systematic and wide-spread exploitation of the Rainforest has devastated wild populations across the region in order to feed the insatiable demands of export markets, mainly in China.
Did you know that….

Around 80% of the food we eat originally came from rainforests. Some of the more popular examples include coffee, chocolate, rice, tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, black pepper, pineapples and corn. At The Inside Track we basically live on coffee. That’s reason enough to save the rainforest!
Tropical rainforests only cover about 6% of the Earth’s surface, but they are home to more than half the world’s total plant and animal species.
The forest floor is almost completely dark – with less that 1% of the available sunlight making it through the tree canopy above.
There are around 3000 fruits found in rainforests, and in the west we make use of around 200 of them. However, indigenous tribes make use of over 2000! And ultimately….
The rainforests have begun to be destroyed in the last 100 years to make way for farm land. Today, the rainforests are being destroyed by 1.5 acres every second.

Games Play UK has developed a board game called “My Animal Kingdom” to help children learn about the animals of the Rainforest and raise awareness about the many dangers and difficulties that animals face during the course of their lives.

Learn fun facts about each animal and how they live in the Rainforest as you see the World through their eyes, colour in and wear animal masks and play from the animal’s perspective as you try and save the Rainforest and restore your animal kingdom and ultimately the Rainforest!

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