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Press ReleasesPandasaurus Games is proud to announce two releases that will be available in stores this November. New Amsterdam and Great Fire of London are two excellent games that your game collection won't be available without. For more information:

Release: this November 2013 MSRP: 59.95

Finalist for the International Gamers' Awards 2013
Top 5 games of 2013 - Drive Thru Reviews

"All of the actions really make a lot of thematic sense. As you take up land you are going to be driving the [Native Americans] back, but you are going to be wanting to trade with them, so it’s going to make it harder to trade with them as the land is being gobbled up. This is an excellent game. I would highly recomend anyone who is interested in this to try it out.” – Joel Eddy Drive-Thru Reviews

New Amsterdam was founded by the Dutch West Indies Company in order to encourage the lucrative beaver pelt trade with the local Native American hunters along the Hudson River. To establish a trading post there, they needed a town and a fort, which was built on the tip of Manhattan Island. To encourage European patroons – that is, settlers of means or noble birth – to populate the colony, they granted them both land and indentured servants. The patrons became the lords of a new feudal system not unlike that seen in Europe.

In New Amsterdam, players are those patroons, and they bid on action lots in order to build businesses, work land for both food and building materials, compete in elections, ship furs to the Old World, and trade with the Lenape Indians – a process that gets more complicated as players claim more land and push the Lenape camps farther up the Hudson River.

New Amsterdam is a tensely strategic game of bidding, building and trade for 2-5 players with a brisk 60 minute play-time. Find out why Joel Eddy of Drive-Thru review has called it one of the 5 best games of 2013.

Availability - November 2013 MSRP: 59.95

“You are one vicious landowner, you want the fire to move and destroy people’s houses are not your own. […] If you all work together you could probably contain the fire, but you don’t want to do that. You don’t have houses in that region, you don’t have that card. Someone else probably does. BURN IT.” - Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

Sunday September 2, 1666, Thomas Farriner, the baker to the King, forgot to put out the hearth fire in his shop. This simple act of negligence created a towering and lethal inferno which would eventually destroy 13,000 houses and leave nearly 90 percent of the cities’population destitute and homeless…

You are no simple bystander to this tragedy; the future of London lies in your hands.

The players are men of wealth and standing who own property around London. The Lord Mayor has failed to act and it is down to these mighty men to lead trained bands of militia to fight the fire and save the city. To do so they must decide which districts to sacrifice to the fire and which to protect. Remember, these same men own much of London, thus such choices will shape their own future and greatly affect their wealth and standing.

Use the trained bands to suppress the fire and explosives to destroy blocks of housing to create fire breaks and prevent its spread. Do you choose to protect your own homes, turning a blind eye and allowing the fire to consume your rival’s property? Or will you stand as the hero of London, and choose to save as much of the city as possible?

Victory can belong to the player with the most property left after the ashes settle, but stopping the fire and saving London’s most famous landmarks may win a more altruistic land owner the hearts and minds of the people.

Save the city, or watch it burn.

About Pandasaurus Games:

Pandasaurus Games is an award winning hobby board and card game publisher hailing from Austin, TX. We're known for such hit games as Tammany Hall, Yedo, Firenze, Great Fire of London and Lost Valley.

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