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Press ReleasesHex Games has received an ENnie Award nomination for its 2012 release Hobomancer. Hobomancer is one of five nominees in the Best Electronic Book category.
Hobomancer is a historical-fantasy RPG set in Depression-era America. The hobomancers are shamans of the rails. They travel the railroads that crisscross the nation, fighting monsters, repairing dimensional rifts, and protecting the soul of America. Hobomancer was written by Steve Johnson, Leighton Connor, Josh Burnett, Colin Thomas, and Carter Newton, with a cover by Jeffrey Johnson.

“We’re extremely excited and honored,” said Hex Creative Director Leighton Connor. “Hex has been publishing games for about fifteen years now, and in my opinion Hobomancer is the best game we’ve ever made. We’re all very proud of it.”

“The ideas behind Hobomancer grew and evolved over time,” said Hex Operations Director Steve Johnson. “We put a lot of work, and a lot of our personal beliefs into it, so it’s great to know that the game has really connected with people.”

Voting for the ENnie Awards begins on Monday, July 22nd, and runs to Wednesday, July 31st. The awards ceremony will be held Friday, August 16th, at Gen Con in Indianapolis.

Hobomancer can be purchased at,,,, and

The Annual Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (or ENnie Awards) are fan-based awards for role-playing game products and publishers hosted at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana. The ENnies began in 2001.

For a full list of the 2013 ENnie Award nominees, visit

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