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Based on the Hugo Award winning third edition of the Clute and Nicholls Encyclopedia of Science Fiction but with the addition of over 20,000 words of new material, Neal Tringham's Science Fiction Hobby Games: A First Survey is the first book on its subject.

Available as an eBook from RPGNow, Amazon, the Apple iBookstore and other sites, and now in print from multiple online retailers, this work serves as a history and guide to tabletop gaming franchises set in original science-fictional milieux. Its subject is the pen and paper role playing games and board and counter wargames that preceded modern videogames and still evolve alongside them, as well as the gamebooks, board games, card games and postal games that are their less famous cousins. Included are detailed critical overviews of more than a hundred fantastical universes published between 1969 and 2013, along with essays on popular types of tabletop game and the natures of their settings and stories. Throughout, sf games are treated as an integral part of the long history of science fiction, and as a new way of enabling its explorations of the future and other worlds.

"As a principal editor of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, I was awestruck by Neal Tringham's transformation of our games coverage from a few overview articles to a wide-ranging book-within-a-book many hundreds of intricately linked entries running to over 225,000 words. Here now is his distilled wisdom in a single volume which would have fascinated that pioneering games fan H.G. Wells."

Sf writer and critic David Langford on Science Fiction Hobby Games.

Published by Pseudonymz ( )

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