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Press ReleasesHex Games is returning to a monthly release schedule in 2013. After releasing The Book of Dumb Tables 2 in January, Hex will publish Spy Racers in February, Tell Me About Your Character in March, and Aces & Apes in April.
Spy Racers is the first supplement for Sex, Lies and Ultraspies. Like Sex, Lies and Ultraspies, Spy Racers is set in the 1960s, but this time the focus is on that staple of the ‘60s spy genre, vehicle chases. The supplement details a world where international spies pose as flamboyant race car drivers competing in events around the globe, and provides GMs and players alike a quick and interesting way to resolve vehicle combat and chases during their games. Writer Robert McCabe says, “It’s all about beating the clock, whether it’s crossing the finish line in first place or destroying the villainous mastermind’s doomsday weapon in the middle of an active volcano!” Spy Racers is illustrated by James Hornsby and Jeffrey Johnson, with a cover by Joshua LH Burnett.

Tell Me About Your Character is a character development resource that can be used with any role-playing game. It includes helpful worksheets and step-by-step guidelines. Writer Steve Johnson explains, “By occasionally focusing on what happens to characters during their ‘down time’ instead of just what happens when they’re shooting or swinging swords, you can add more depth to your character and the campaign. Since so many games focus entirely on ‘the mission,’ some gamers don’t really know where to start when it comes to creating characters that are more three-dimensional. Fortunately, we’re here to help.” Tell Me About Your Character is illustrated by Joshua LH Burnett and Jeffrey Johnson.

Aces & Apes is a game of World War I flying aces, with the key ingredient that’s been lacking from other aerial combat games: intelligent apes. Players can choose from orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee, and bonobo PCs. Creator Ian Engle explains, “When the Great War blew up, the world found itself divided. Brother against brother; man against man; ape against ape. You, as a member of the Belle Alliance’s flying corps, are here to keep things quiet on the Western Front or die trying as the Goth forces try to break through the lines. It’s the Red Baron meets Bedtime for Bonzo.” Aces & Apes is illustrated by Robert Kemp.

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