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Press ReleasesJACKSONVILLE, Florida, December 18, 2012. Entrepreneurs Lloyd Brown and James Kahre are turning to the Internet to help launch a retail game store. With banks reluctant to make unsecured loans, and the most common source of secured loans—home equity—being crushed by the real estate crisis, conventional sources of business financing for new entrepreneurs are scarce. Crowdsourcing provides the answer.
This crowdsourcing relies on IndieGoGo, which collects pledges from visitors who support a project in return for a reward based on the amount of their contribution. It allows people to support a business with amounts they can afford, while the entrepreneur benefits by reaching a large number of people at once.

The game store campaign appeals to both game players and game manufacturers. Game buyers can take advantage of reward levels to obtain products at a discount. Game manufacturers can choose to contribute in exchange for FLGS showcasing and then restocking their products. A game maker can turn a $300 contribution into thousands in downstream sales.

Brown says "Financing is often the roadblock that prevents would-be retailers from becoming actual game retailers. The possibility of obtaining partial or full financing for a game store through crowdfunding means that more people can reach their goals. I hope that other retailers will use this campaign as a blueprint for future store launches."

About IndieGoGo: IndieGoGo was founded in 2008 as a global funding platform to help anybody, anywhere, raise money for anything. They provide a technology based platform that enables anybody with an idea (creative, cause related, or entrepreneurial) to create a funding campaign, offer perks to their contributors, and ultimately get their idea funded. They believe that funding opportunities should not be dictated solely by private banks, wealthy individuals, or corporate institutions - but instead by the crowd. Now, over 60,000 campaigns from over 200 countries and regions have raised millions of dollars on IndieGoGo.

About Friendly Local Game Store: FLGS is a Jacksonville-based game retailer that carries role-playing games, collectible card games, and miniature wargames. It focuses on bringing people together in a social environment to encourage game play.

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Contact: Lloyd Brown
Tel: 904-629-4945

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