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Press ReleasesHex Games has released its latest free product, Magic Rules! The 5x5 Ritual Magic System for QAGS, available for download now at and DriveThruRPG.
Has the magic in your games gotten stale? Do you wish you could spice up spell casting? Maybe you need Magic Rules! This free supplement details the 5x5 Ritual Magic System, an optional system for spell casting using the QAGS Second Edition rules. The 5x5 Ritual Magic System provides a way to handle magic in games that more closely models real-world magical traditions, folklore, and fiction, rather than the “flash-bang” style of magic found in many RPGs. Although designed with a contemporary Earth setting in mind, it can be adapted to most settings that include magic.

Magic Rules! includes explanations of Magic Levels and Spell Requirements, rules for creating magical items, difficulty numbers and ritual modifiers, and sample spells ranging from Burning Love to the War Song of Thule.

If would like to sample QAGS, the QAGS Qik Start Rules are available for download at and DriveThruRPG, absolutely free. And if you’re interested in magic, be sure to check out Hobomancer, the game of mystical hobos who ride the rails to keep the spirit of America safe, available wherever you downloaded Magic Rules!

Magic Rules! is written by QAGS co-creator Steve Johnson, with a beautiful cover by Hobomancer artist Jeffrey Johnson.

Cast better spells. Have more fun!

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