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"You are listening to KZED, 93.9 on your FM dial. I’m DJ Grant Jazzy broadcasting live from the top of the KZED radio tower. I’m your eyes on the outside so you don’t have to be. I’m about to play some “Click Click, Boom” to get our day started right, but first it is time for the morning report.
The firestorm continues to rage north of I-32. I can still see the safety lights around the Observatory, so everyone there should be OK. Unfortunately, I can still see no safe way for anyone to get there, but that means the walkers can’t get there either and that’s great news for our kids.
On a darker note, I can see a large horde of the dead ones moving down Main Street near the library, so you will probably want to give that area a miss today if you are out and about.
Finally, some shout outs. Remember, if you can hear my voice, light a beacon on the roof of the building you are in and I will add you to our Circle of Light. Last night I spotted lights . . .

"What is Mortiston, USA?
Mortiston, USA is a universal zombie apocalypse setting for multiple licensed RPG’s. All game stats are included for use with any of the licensed systems: Outbreak: Undead, Savage Worlds, Mongoose Traveller and OGL Modern.

Mortiston, USA tells a sad story of 111 days of death and decay at the hands of the walking dead. All of the changes to the characters and locations during those 111 days are annotated in the individual entries so that each character and location is modified by the changes that occur during the story. This is done using a combination of maps, timeline, and relationship charts detailing both the physical changes and its effects on the remaining population. So, Mortiston, USA is a RPG supplement that not only details people, places and things, but also how time affects them. Mortiston needs heroes and if those heroes can’t step up, then in 111 days only the dead and the damned will walk the streets.

What’s in the whole package?
The full Mortiston package includes a 72 page soft-cover book, a “gas station” style 24”x30” full color map of Mortiston, a tourist brochure detailing the historical district and some local businesses, a ripped out section of the local phone book listing the local businesses, and a set of “Welcome to Mortiston” postcards. The props are intended as “real world” links to the Mortiston landscape and locations.

What is in the book?
Inside the book, you will find 29 detailed locations of interest with people to meet, equipment and supply lists for scavenging and the living dead that might inhabit them. There are also 19 living characters to go with those locations, detailed with motivations, desires, back story, equipment and statistics given for all four systems. These characters are not just survivors, but they are also the major players in the 8 factions vying for control of the shattered town.As for the maps and extra props, they are totally “system agnostic” with the intent of being able to used for any game system that the GM is running.

How can I use it?
Mortiston, USA can be used as an overall campaign setting for any game system, or individual locations or characters can be used to add to your own campaign setting. The story and the timeline of Mortiston, USA also provides ample scenario ideas for one-time games as well.

Who's doing all this?
The project is the first major publication for Mark "ZED365" Cookman, with art being done by the Scrying Eye Games member James Miller.

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