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Press Releases42 Games LLC is proud to announce the release of Orbit: Rocket Race 5000 The Game! July 2011

42 Games, LLC

Orbit: Rocket Race 5000 is designed by Timothy Chadwick, Benj Hamilton and Douglas Chadwick

Product code: 42001

MSRP $35.00 USD

Playing time: 30-45 mins

Orbit: Rocket Race 5000 is a fast paced, strategic game where each player is a space racer competing to win the Rocket Race 5000! It is a strategy game for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. The player who goes out of cards first wins the race. By matching the colors on the cards and utilizing special “tools”, space racers are able to “cheat” to maneuver their way around the space track, creating wormholes and wild wormholes to make it to the finish line before their opponents!

You'll brave the dangers of Robots, Guns and Satellites!

The Universe Awaits You!

View the artwork, a game play video or place an order at:

Retailers please visit For request of a demo copy, and being added to our dealer locator service at a future date.

Look for us at Gencon for games and tournaments of Orbit: Rocket Race 5000.

For further information, contact:

Douglas Chadwick


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