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A new book in the fantasy role-playing line by 5th Epoch Publishing, with interior illustrations by Ryan Pancoast.

5th Epoch is proud to announce the release of a new soft cover book in their acclaimed fantasy role-playing game line Metal, Magic and Lore. The new “Game Master’s Travel Sourcebook” brings an unprecedented atmosphere of realism and fun to travel across a fantasy world.
This new book will be debuted at the 2010 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. 5th Epoch will be supporting the book’s debut with a number of events and demos. A seminar hosted by the co-authors will give the public an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into the way in which this innovative game is designed.

The Metal, Magic and Lore Game Master’s Travel Sourcebook provides a wealth of information, rules and guidelines, which allows GMs to plunge adventurers into realistic travel within their campaigns. This unique addition to the MML product line stands alone in its depth of detail and ease of use.

This sourcebook gives GMs all they will need to guide his players through the challenge and excitement of travel across the land. Whether it is to far flung destinations in exotic locations or a short trip to the next town, travel will never be the same. With this sourcebook the land comes alive and is truly part of the adventure, adding a dimension that has received little treatment in other role-playing games.

The GM’s Travel Sourcebook is divided into two parts. The first examines many different aspects of travel and how these affect the speaking race playable within the game. The second is a bestiary which details the use many different Beasts of Burden within the game. The highlights of this material are:
- New information on the speaking races, including their travel patterns and tendencies.
- A detailed explanation of traveling on foot.
- Travel using Beasts of Burden: horses, oxen, mules, donkeys, and hinnies.
- Detailed, but easy to use rules, that uniquely handle a traveler’s needs for food and water.
- How travelers can move faster than normal, using forced march techniques.
- Becoming fatigued during travel and the challenges that presents.
- Waterborne travel within inland waterways.
- A complete Bestiary detailing over fifty common Beasts of Burden.

All of the rules herein are designed for maximum flexibility; GMs can scale the level of detail to their own particular setting. All skill related tasks are resolved with a single roll of percentile dice.

While invaluable to any GM running a MML campaign, this material can be applied to any fantasy setting and may easily be adapted for use with many other FRPG systems!

Metal Magic and Lore - putting reality back into fantasy.

Note: For more information visit our website at

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