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Press Releases5th Epoch is proud to announce the release of a new Perfectbound edition of their acclaimed fantasy role-playing game Metal, Magic and Lore!
The Metal, Magic and Lore Basic Player’s Rulebook is now available in a Perfectbound format. This softcover book has a beautiful new cover illustration by up and coming artist Ryan Pancoast. Ryan’s work is featured in 5th Epoch’s products and is becoming increasingly popular. His illustrations can now also be seen in other popular games such as Vampire, and Magic: The Gathering. The product was developed by 5th Epoch Publishing for a number of reasons. The new format delivers the same content as the hardcover Player’s Rule Book to the customer at a less expensive price point. The trade off of a slightly less durable product vs. a nearly 1/3 reduction in cost is seen as a good value by many consumers in the current marketplace. The interior of the book is printed on a high quality uncoated white paper which only increases the brightness, clarity and appeal of both the art and layout. The new cover is an image previously used to advertise the game and maintains the same stylistic elements as the original; thus the brand and industry recognition are maintained. Role-playing gamers have already begun to enjoy the new features of the softcover product; however the new book still retains the unique Metal, Magic and Lore literary saga identity. “Through the use of digital printing, we can offer a less costly, yet high quality softcover product, which customers have seen as a good value”, claim the co-authors, who anticipate this being only the first in a series of new Hardcover and Perfectbound products that 5th Epoch Publishing will release during the 2010 calendar year. Check out the new Perfectbound Player’s Rulebook at

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