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Press ReleasesHave you ever looked at a female monster your party was up against and thought:

“Man, I’d like to roll d20 to hit that!”

Well, now you can! Skirmisher Publishing LLC is pleased to announce the release of "MILFs," the monsters you would most like to have a random encounter with ($3.99, SKP E 0936, 8 pages; authors Melissa Dowell and the Skirmisher Game Development Group; artist Melissa Dowell).
"MILFs" is available as a PDF download on several online sales venues, including DriveThruRPG ( and RPGNow

This set of full-color paper miniatures is designed to be compatible with other 25/30mm figures and contains nine different creatures, all scaled to be approximately man-sized. Furthermore, four of these have also been scaled for use as giant-sized creatures and one of them has been provided with a variant that can be used to show her in flight.

Miniatures in this set include:

* One slinky Dark Elf

* One Centipede Woman

* One sexy Fire Elemental

* One heavily-armed she-Satyr

* One Cyclops chick that has also been scaled for use as a one-eyed giantess

* One Harpy that has been provided with a variant that can be used to represent her in flight

* One Sea Naga that has also been scaled for use as a giant sea monster, “Mother Hydra,” etc.

* One Bigfoot/Yeti/Abominable Snowwoman, which also has a giant-sized counterpart

* One Woodwife that has also been scaled as a Treant

"MILFs" is part of Skirmisher’s Cardstock CharactersTM line of figures that can be downloaded, printed out, and used in a variety of different RPGs and wargames. Other currently-available sets include ones for use with Mutant Future and other post-apocalyptic and science-fiction games; anthropomorphic ducks and pigs inspired by the Quactica wargaming rules; and the “Forbidden Creatures of Foree” line of creatures that some companies have declared off-limits.

We hope you enjoy "MILFs"! Remember: You can’t spell “Treant” without “T” and “A.”

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