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Press Releases(Londonderry, NH) November 22, 2009 - The name of the Strange World Storytelling Game has just changed. From this point on, the game is called "The Unexplained."

This change was brought on by a recent trademark conflict. Although the name on the cover of the book has changed, the game on the inside has not. No other changes were made to deal with this issue.
In The Unexplained, you're a paranormal investigator. You have a day job, like everyone else, but at night you investigate the mysteries of our world and try to gather proof of the paranormal. You use every means at your disposal to prove, beyond doubt, that the paranormal is real. Using both science and metaphysics as tools, you are part of an elite team that is dedicated to solving these mysteries. You are a member of the Foundation for Paranormal Investigation.

The Unexplained is a non-fiction horror storytelling game that presents the paranormal in a real light, treating it exactly the way real paranormal investigators do. Packed with fully researched non-fiction information on different aspects of the paranormal, this book also appeals to anyone who wants an introduction to paranormal investigation.

"I'm excited about the product's name change," says Bradford Younie, president of Carnivore Games. "Strange World was a great name, but I think The Unexplained is more descriptive and puts the right image in peoples minds about what the game is truly about."

The Unexplained is still scheduled to release in December.

Visit for more information about The Unexplained and other great Carnivore Games products.


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