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Superior Print On Demand, the leader in digital on demand custom card printing, is now able to offer hard cover books at affordable prices.
“We have made a major capital investment to upgrade our book binding equipment”, Jim Mauro of Superior POD states. “This new equipment will allow us to enhance the quality of our soft cover perfect binding and add the capability to offer hard cover or case bound books. This also will triple our book binding production capability, enhancing customer service.” Mr. Mauro says.
Unlike most POD or “Print On Demand” companies, Superior POD now has the capability to turn any image into a hard bound book cover in house. This means that you are not limited to cloth or leatherette covers with a printed paper dust cover. Superior POD can actually take your cover art and make the hard bound cover from the art. Because Superior POD can product covers in house this means that we can greatly reduce the cost of the covers for hard bound books.

Listed below are some of the binding capabilities of Superior Print On Demand:

Saddle Stitched
Appropriate for books with 48 pages or less. The interior sheets are folded in half and stapled on the spine.

Perfect Bound
Appropriate for paperback books of most any size. The interior pages are assembled and then glued together. They are then glued to the inside of the cover. Unlike some other Print On Demand companies Superior POD can Perfect Bind a book with as few as 16 pages

Case Bound
These are hard cover books which are wrapped in cloth or leatherette. Unlike some other Print On Demand companies Superior POD can Case Bind a book with as few as 20 pages. This is an alternative to the Perfect Bound process above, as it is more resilient and durable.

Case Bound with Dust Jacket
This process is similar to a Case Bound book but with the addition of a one sided loose color cover. This allows for additional protection to the cloth or leatherette cover.

Case Wrapped
Basically the same as a Case Bound book, but instead of cloth or leatherette material, the cover wrap is printed in color on paper, laminated and applied to the outside boards with adhesive.

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