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Press ReleasesPair-of-Dice Games' first Euro-style game offers a delicious serving of strategy
Pair-of-Dice Games is proud to announce the release of Restaurant Row, a Euro-style game for 2-4 players designed by Greg Lam, whose previous games include Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 and Knockabout. Available on, this game will let you run your own restaurant and attempt to become the preeminent restaurant on the block by the time your neighborhood matures as a foodie destination. To do this the aspiring restaurateur must outbid the other restaurants on the block for the best employees, renovations, and of course food to make their restaurant the most attractive to the area's potential customers. But take care to watch the bottom line, as going into debt to make your foodie dreams come true can come with penalties at the end.

The theming of the game covers all the bases of running a restaurant, from the pursuit of high end but pricey ingredients like Maine lobster, grass-fed beef, and truffles that will attract the foodies, to employees with special skills whose service that will keep the locals happy, to the enigmatic Critic whose opinions can be crucial to the outcome of the game. Do you want to have a simple, inexpensive eatery with good service to keep the locals coming back? Do you want to run a fancy temple of gastronomy, with a few well-heeled customers paying top prices for the best foods and luxurious surroundings? Do you want to run a tourist trap, with buzz generated by a clever marketing scheme? Any of these could work, if you're clever and determined enough.

The game makes creative use of actual restaurant menu covers as the playing board which contains a restaurant for each player and the shops where the players procure ingredients, employees, renovations, and bank loans. The plastic covered board can be written on with the included dry-erase marker to keep track of the restaurant's ratings.

This game is available at and selected online retailers. Go to for the special introductory Prix Fixe offer pairing Restaurant Row with another Pair-of-Dice game at a discount. A free print and play expansion for 5-6 players is also available for download at

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