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Press ReleasesWhole Sum Entertainment continues to offer their pre-order discount for another week while waiting to ship their cornerstone RPG, Century's Edge(TM).
This month, Whole Sum Entertainment will be releasing its grand-masterpiece of Victorian-era gaming: Century's Edge(TM). This 19th century adventure setting features all the best Victorian Literature has to offer -spliced together with actual historical events. Play out "Les Voyages Extraordinaires" in the vein of Jules Verne. Delve into the dangers of the macabre and Gothic with adventures inspired by Stoker, Poe, and Shelly. Crack the case as a Holmes-inspired sleuth. Or par'dner, ya' might take a liken' to the tales of the Ol' West. All these genres come to life (and intermix) within the fast-paced mechanics of Century's Edge(TM). With (literally) hundreds of starting character configurations, endless knacks and limitations, and an immense narrator's section complete with over 50 dangerous creatures, a plethora of Century Earth locations, and a list of who's-who that encompasses everyone from Jesse James to Victor Frankenstein, you can't go wrong with this rulebook.

In preparation for the game's release, we are clearing out our 80 page Demo Booklets at $5 each -these are a great way to supplement your players while proving the merits of the system!
so go on and- Develop a History of Adventure!
-While supplies last-

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