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Saturday, June 20, 2009 - 10:40 PM

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(Chicago & Toronto) June 22, 2009: Colonial Gothic Revised is available for pre-order!

Newly revised and expanded, this edition of Colonial Gothic builds upon what has come before and presents new options and guidelines for running a supernatural historical horror roleplaying game set during the dawn of the American Revolution. Also included in the book are three new original short stories penned by Jennifer Brozek.

Beginning today, June 22, 2009, you can now pre-order Colonial Gothic Revised direct from Indie Press Revolution, and in doing so, you get a free copy of the Rulebook PDF now. Be the first to discover the horror lurking in the colonies, and be the first to see all the exciting additions to the game.

The question remains: whose side are you on?


Price: $24.99 (print)/$9.99 (eBook/PDF)
Page Count: 298 page
Size: 6"x9" b&w softcover
Click here to order now!

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