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Press Releases BOOM, an exciting, new, politically incorrect nuclear war card game, will be sneak-previewed at the World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, PA, Aug. 5 -10. A prototype of some of the cards, rules, and game box will be on display at the SherCo Games/Amazing Space Venture vendor booth throughout the event. BOOM should be available for sale by the end of the year.
“BOOM is a retro 50’s – 60’s insensitive, irreverent, totally outrageous, obnoxiously wacky, nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek, and highly addictive card game for two to eight players,” says game designer Steve LeShay. “It’s for ages 10 and up, and can take anywhere’s from 5 – 30 minutes to play. It teaches that war is not nice.”

Loosely based on the popular classic Mille Borne and similar card games, BOOM includes its own vocabulary of terms such as “Ka-Boom” (what you shout when you drop a 100-megaton bomb on an opponent’s city”, “Ba-Da-Boom” (what you yell twice when you successfully launch two bombs), “Bip” and “Pop” (what you quietly say when you play a puny 10 or 20-megaton bomb), “Ssssszzzzz” (for a germ warfare attack), and “BOHICA” (pronounced Bo-HEE-Kah: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again when you successfully respond with a special attack card).

In addition to numerous attack and defense cards, there is a Doomsday Machine card, a Nuclear Reaction card, and a buck-toothed cow (“Moof”) card, the least valuable of 16 special City cards.

“For added fun, it is recommended that players speak with foreign accents or wear Peace-nik clothing and flowers in their hair when playing BOOM,” says LeShay.

Expected release date for BOOM is November or early December of this year. The double-deck game will retail for $20 and will be available through all major game and hobby distributors.

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