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Dungeon Dudes 3D Game System

"Not Just Another Virtual Pet"

The slow, steady march for world domination continues as the Dungeon Dudes leave their 2D prison and enter a simple 3D world. Featuring the original characters, same simple mechanics, same self-deprecating humor, everything you love about the original 2D Dudes, except now you can explore by navigating a simple 3D world instead of clicking a button.

Train and be ready to play offline in just a matter of minutes using the included tabletop rules.

Important Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Vista with most recent SP installed. Make sure windows updates is run periodically. PC desktop or laptop with 1.7 Ghz processor, 512 MB RAM, 3D graphics card.

Dungeon What?
Dungeon Dudes...Dude. They are trainable characters, similar to virtual pets, but with role-playing game style advancements. Choose which Dude you want to work with, tell it to explore, train for new skills, or eat to regain hit points. Accumulate mass quantities of gold and different items. Copy your character to the included blank character record sheet and battle your friends offline using the Dungeon Dudes Combat System.
You can gain the strength to defeat your the offline Dungeon Dudes Combat System. You can share your Dude's code with other players in your favorite online forum or discussion group.

Screen shots:

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