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Press Releases18 APRIL 2008
FROM Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc.
Captain's Log #37
Magnificent Panzers!
Frigates Rommel and Guderian fight for their lives against the Romulan invasion. Plus, new ships, scenarios, tactics, and more for Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, F&E.
SKU 5737, $18.95
Fed Commander: Squadron Box #19 Lyrans!
Six-foot aliens that look like a Lynx and are almost as easy to deal with, the Lyrans are the ferocious allies of the Klingons, with a heavy battlecruiser, heavy cruiser, dreadnought, destroyer, and frigate.
SKU 4319, $34.95
Fed Commander: Squadron Box #20 Hydrans!
Methane-breathing aliens from a world two hundred degrees below zero, their dreadnought, heavy cruiser, heavy battlecruiser, destroyer, and frigate are armed with devastating short-range firepower.
SKU 4320, $34.95
Fed Commander: Squadron Box #21 WYNs!
Defending the edge of their radioactive nebula, the WYNs are a polyglot empire including renegades and rebels from five different empires. WYN CW, AxBC, and DW; Hydran Mongol, Lyran Jaguar.
SKU 4321, $34.95
For Release on 2 June 2008.

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