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SEATTLE, August 10th, 2007 / -- Eos is proud to announce its attendance to GenCon 2007 – attending with new games and a full schedule of events to accompany them! This year, Eos is bringing four new products to the party – Unhallowed Metropolis, the Weapons of the Gods Companion, the Wormweird Tarot and the recently-released Lesser Shades of Evil! Look for us at Booth 611 – sharing with Game Source International! To learn more, click here!

“We have new settings for you, new rules to help you play, new visions to inspire you to create your own stories in new and interesting worlds… and in the case of the Tarot, a deck that not only can foretell a future but also describes the downfall of a fictional world.” -- Brad Elliott (Product Developer for Eos Press)

Come and explore the darkly horrific world of Unhallowed Metropolis – the Neo-Victorian roleplaying game of gas-mask chic. Written by the talented writers Jason Soles (known for Iron Kingdoms & Warmachine) and the brightly intelligent newcomer Nicci Vega, it is a fast but easy-to-play game, in which the players struggle to win back the world from the horrors of the undead Plague. The world is tainted and corrupt – it needs you to both survive it and take it back from the hordes of zombies, the deadly infiltrations of vampires and the horrifyingly brutal thropes, each a horror that would cause Mr. Hyde to blanch. “We take our subject matter very seriously. We did not plunge into writing the setting haphazardly. Before we began to write the game we spent months researching the Victorian era including history, society, politics, sciences, etc. It was only after we had a firm grasp of the subject matter that we felt comfortable really digging in. Unhallowed Metropolis is very much an alternate history, rather than a fantasy game with Victorian trappings.” -- Jason Soles (Co-Author of Unhallowed Metropolis, on the genesis of the game)

Then there is the Weapons of the Gods Companion - long awaited, finally on these shores! Fans of Weapons of the Gods can add an entire city set in the ancient era of martial arts – the City of the Poison Garden, Thrashing Minister! Or go to town making up their own new martial arts – whether to challenge their players, or to add to their clan. And with the Great Game included in the book, they can now play out the rise to power of their own kung fu clan – or even go for the throne and claim the mandate of heaven and become Emperor! All this and more in the Companion.

“Thrashing Minister has seen it all. It is a city that contains all the best and all the worst things that Shen Zhou has to offer. It is intensely cosmopolitan. Within its walls one may find nobles, ministers, spies from other states, gangsters, entertainers, Wulin adventurers, Daoist alchemists, court eunuchs, filthy rich merchants, homeless beggars, Buddhist monks, and con artists of every sort. Even to this day everyone comes to this city to see if they can absorb some of the luck of City of the Poison Garden – Thrashing Minister.” -- Derek Fetters (Author of Thrashing Minister, from the Weapons of the Gods Companion)

And don’t miss Lesser Shades of Evil – a science-fantasy rpg of a twisted future! The entire world has been recreated via nanotechnology into the image of a madman’s dreams – and presided over by a group of digital immortals who can wear multiple bodies. You can play one of these immortals, the Angelions, or even play the Awakened – humans attempting to take their world back from the grip from the immortals!

“A good game requires a unique setting, excellent mechanics, a beautiful format and a good value. Hence, no corners were cut, and no idea left out. Lesser Shades of Evil provides a complex setting and unique characters, is gorgeous and uses fun dice mechanics; I've worked hard to make sure that the game has all of these things, and look forward to people getting to play it!” -- Pierre Kakos (Creator of Lesser Shades of Evil)

Finally, be sure to have a look at the Wormweird Tarot – an all-new tarot deck designed and written by the Unhallowed Metropolis artist, George Higham. Each of the eighty cards has been individually designed, sculpted and photographed by Higham into a wonder – each based on the traditional tarot archetypes, only viewed through a darkly tinted lens. Depicting an alternate earth where the world has been dragged down into the darkness by human weakness and mystic experimentation, this deck can be truly described as both art and literature in one – for while the cards have their own twisted beauty, the codex – the manual for the deck – is both divinatory and descriptive of the Wormweird World’s descent into oblivion. At the show, you’ll even get to see some of the original sculptures from the creation of the deck! Those of you who enjoy Higham’s work for Unhallowed Metropolis will find the Tarot a companion piece for that book – the very deck the Neo-Victorians might use to foretell their own dark futures.

“What you hold in your hands is a chronicle of the fall of the City of Wormwood. It’s a strange chronicle, though, as it is not constructed in a chronological order. It exists as a dream might... fractured, weird and full of mystery. It is an enigma cloaked in darkness, open to interpretation while being faithful to the Tarot tradition.” -- George Higham (Creator of the Wormweird Tarot, artist for Unhallowed Metropolis)

Come and see us at GenCon – find us at Booth 611… hope to see you at the show!
Note: About EOS Press

Eos Press is a publisher of games originally established in Seattle, Washington as Hawthorn Hobgoblynn Press, publishing the role-playing game Godlike. Relaunched as Eos Press in 2005, the company now focuses on the production of all aspects of the hobby industry, such as cardgames like Abuse: The Final Insult and Creatures & Cultists; roleplaying games like Weapons of the Gods, Lesser Shades of Evil and Unhallowed Metropolis. For the past three years we have focused on cardgames and rpgs… but watch for our new lines of products – such as tshirts, dice and models!

To learn more, visit

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