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Press ReleasesDenver, CO -- RolePlayersINK wants to invite you try our new releases at GenCon indy. Try a different kind of game at one of our many events. Signup for an RPI event at GenCon, or miss an adventure like no other.
RolePlayersINK events are waiting for you!
RPI has released 3 exciting new games and we want you to be part of our release. We have events planned for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, each one a unique play experience.

StrikeForce: 2136 RPG events

RPI is releasing the StrikeForce: 2136 RPG and has 2 events to show you this different kind of Sci-Fi. The first event, Friday and Saturday at 1-4 pm, will take you on a 20 minute demo of StrikeForce. you can then create a character which can be used at the second event later that night. The second event, Friday and Saturday at 10pm - 1am, takes your pre-created or supplied pre-genned characters on a simple courier run, if the pirates don't kill you and your StrikeForce members first.

StrikeForce: Stacked Deck

Our first Collectible Card Game StrikeForce:Stacked Deck is also being played at GenCon Events on thursday friday and saturday at 7:00p - 10. For 10.50 you get a starter deck and a booster deck. The game is explained and short round conducted, and then you can stack your decks and full game is played. Come see why Stacked Deck is a game where the cards are only half of the play, your skills are what matters!

Food fight - The Card Game

Our final game is a game of pure fun. Fun with food that is. In food fight you play one of 14 high school seniors have a food fight on senior day. Can you get Gary Geeksome to overcome Fred Futbol? or will Carly Cheer knock you block off with a chocolate cake? come play food fight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and find out.

So Signup early at GenCon for these events, a whole new gaming experience awaits you.
RolePlayersINK, llc is a gaming company dedicated to making games that provide a unique, different and fun play experience. Come see our RPG game preview, download a demo deck or visit our forums at RolePlayersINK

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