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Press Releases3am Games is pleased to announce the PDF release of the latest volume from the libraries of the Wanderers Guild, Monsters of the Savage Snow: The Wanderers Guild Guide to Frostbound Organisms. The PDF is now available for sale at Your Games Now. The print edition of the book will be released on August 14, with a special, exclusive pre-release at ConCarolinas from June 1 - 3.

Monsters of the Savage Snow contains excerpts from the personal journal of Lord Sir Edric Morgandale. The journal details his travels and heroic exploits during his expedition to the frozen lands far to the north. This book concentrates on the creatures that he and his modest entourage encountered along the way.

Thirty creatures lurk on these pages. Each is described in an in-depth, first-person narrative from Lord Morgandale, and each description is accompanied by a lavish illustration from award-winning illustrator and Wanderers Guild creator, Andy Hopp. Sidebars on the outside of each page contain complete d20 System statistics and at least three adventure seeds for every monster. Many entries also include new magic items, special substances, campaign ideas, or even more adventure seeds. All of the monsters presented here are suitable for the colder regions of any campaign setting.

So, get ready for summer by breaking out your warmest parka, and cool down with a book full of amazing new creatures to challenge, befuddle, and even help your players!

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