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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 - 08:37 PM

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Gear up for KublaCon Time !

KublaCon is a larger regional game convention in California, is being staged May 26-29 just outside of San Fransisco.

There will be a GPA Showcase booth and two half-booth slots available as well. Prices are noted in the sign up form available to General members.This year we are excited about having a GPA lend-a-game table that will be functioning for many hours each day lending out member games for registered con goers to play. This will be distinct and apart from the sales area that will be in the merchant area. A number of GPA members will be on hand running sessions and tournaments of their games so we expect a great synergistic push at this show.Kublacon averages around 2,200 distinct paid admissions.

They do not have a central theme but instead cater to just about every game under the sun. For more information o­n this GPA showcase event contact Dave Wainio, Associate Director of West Coast Cons at

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