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Tuesday, February 06, 2007 - 04:34 AM

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The online, shared world community, Baeg Tobar, has expanded its online presence with sites at ComicSpace and MySpace.
CONTACT: Alana Abbott, Publicist,


February 5, 2007 (Blue Springs, MO) Baeg Tobar (, a premiere online, shared world community of creators of fiction and art, has expanded its web presence to ComicSpace and MySpace. "Recent surveys show that Americans between eight and eighteen years old spend six hours a day on MySpace," noted Alana Abbott, Baeg Tobar's publicist. "In order to better reach our fan community, we have to be available where they are." The blog area on MySpace provides a place to post upcoming Baeg Tobar news, appearances of the artists and authors who contribute to Baeg Tobar projects, and other ways for the Baeg Tobar creators to reach out to fans.

Baeg Tobar can also be found on ComicSpace, a community for comic book artists, writers, and designers. ComicSpace also hosts the three Web Comics found on the Baeg Tobar site, providing an additional forum where fans and budding comic creators can reach the Baeg Tobar artists and authors. "Having places like ComicSpace, MySpace, and others are really great for
us. It really allows us to not just build up fans but also make friends
along the way," wrote Chris Summers, the colorist for Baeg Tobar's "Fall of Pileaus" Web comic. "I know that when I was younger and trying to really find out about comics as a career I would have loved to have these types of
place to go and interact with creators."

Along with these two sites, Baeg Tobar has long been a member of the Deviant Art community ( Samples of the artwork from Baeg Tobar can be found online at Deviant Art, as well as at the Baeg Tobar web site. The new Web pages are available at MySpace ( and ComicSpace (

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Baeg Tobar is a world brought to life by a dedicated and diverse community of artists and writers. It is a free Web site ( that brings innovative fantasy literature to online readers searching for high quality material set in a unique new world. Baeg Tobar is affiliated with Empty Room Studios, provider of high quality illustration and writing services for the creative needs of both large and small publishing companies.
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