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Baeg Tobar ( adds new creator content to Web site.


CONTACT: Alana Abbott, Head Editor,

November 10, 2006 (Blue Springs, MO) Baeg Tobar (, a premiere online, shared world community of creators of fiction and art, is introducing the creators of the online content to their readers through a series of interviews. Each creator has answered several questions concerning his or her creative process, thoughts on the Baeg Tobar project, and personal life.

"This is a great way to reach out to our readers, to let them know we're more than just a bunch of words and pictures on their computer screens," commented Scott Colby, author of Final Voyage of the Black Yonnix, one of Baeg Tobar's six serial novels. Jeremy Mohler, founder and owner of Baeg Tobar, said of the project, "I think it's important for people to feel like they know our creators on a personal level, what makes us tick. We love good stories and art as much as our readers do."

The first creator interviews will appear on the site starting Friday, November 17, and will be updated every Monday and Friday until all of the creators are featured. Each interview will also feature a portrait of the author or illustrator. "Hopefully by the time that all our creator interviews are posted, readers will feel that much closer to the project because they will know us, the creators, a little better," said Mohler.

Please direct any questions to

Baeg Tobar is a world brought to life by a dedicated and diverse community of artists and writers. It is a free Web site ( that brings innovative fantasy literature to online readers searching for high quality material set in a unique new world. Baeg Tobar is affiliated with Empty Room Studios, provider of high quality illustration and writing services for the creative needs of both large and small publishing companies. - # -

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