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What Can the GPA Do For You?

All GPA members receive:

  • Access to the official GPA mailing list; a great place to ask questions, seek advice, share experiences, and discuss the industry with other members.
  • Access to the member-only portions of the official GPA website at, including a press exploder sending press releases to dozens of news outlets, a small online library, a newsfeed of upcoming conventions, and other useful features.

  • Free or discount services, products, or ads offered by other GPA members.

  • Permission to display the GPA logo on their products

  • Other special offers and discounts organized throughout the year.

General members also are eligible to:

  • Join co-op booth programs at national conventions.

  • Join co-op ad offers.

  • Vote for the Board of Directors each year and take part in any special elections set by the board.

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Who Can Join?

The GPA has two levels of membership, general and associate.

General, or voting, members pay dues of $75 per year. They are publishers or manufacturers whose primary business is producing:

  • Board or card games

  • Gaming accessories, such as dice, dice bags, or gamer lifestyle items such as t-shirts.

  • Magazines whose content is primarily games-oriented

  • Miniatures and miniatures games
  • Roleplaying games

Associate, or non-voting, pay dues of $35 per year. They include:

  • Conventions

  • Distributors

  • Freelance authors, artists, editors, cartographers, graphic designers, and other independent contractors in the game industry

  • Retailers

Publicly held corporations are ineligible for general membership but can be associate members. We make no distinction between print or electronic products for purposes of membership eligibility.

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I have associate membership, but I don't see upgrade to general membership available as an option. I've upgraded before, why isn't that option available now?

Brian St.Claire-King,
Creative Director, Vajra Enterprises

The upgrade is currently allowed as a one-time offer. It was instituted as an incentive for new members who wanted to try out the GPA as an Associate and then upgrade llater if they wanted to go to General Membership.

The reason the offer is only for one time is because the dues automation we are using will begin the Upgrade from the date you purchase it. That means that you can wait up until the day the Associate membership is up, and then sign up for the Upgrade, getting the privileges of a General Membership for almost an entire year at a discount. It simply isnt' fair to the rest of the membership to allow for multiple Upgrades.

If you want to upgrade from Associate to General, its still possible to do it, but we'll have to make the changeover manually so your new status begins and ends at the same time are your previously purchased membership. You can send the difference between the two ($40) via paypal to Please make it out for "Manual Upgrade" and put a comment what it is for and your company name.

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I just joined the GPA and have downloaded the Welcome Kit PDF. Many of the links in that document do not work. How/where do I access the Retailer database? How/where do I access the RFQ forms?

Jon Coulter, ODGW

Unfortunately, that document is in some serious need of some updating. We're currently trying to update some of the features on the site, like the RFQ forms. We apologize for the delay.

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How to send mail to all members

You can do that the the GPA-L Mailing list.

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