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Mission Statement

October, 1996

The GPA was formed to provide a forum for publishers in the adventure game industry, for the exchange of ideas and for providing mutual support and assistance. The organization strives to promote the hobby of adventure gaming in all its many facets. The organization is dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by its members and the promotion of entrepreneurial ideals, including the willingness to try new ideas and innovations in the adventure game industry.

To that end, the GPA chooses to undertake the following mission:

To encourage communication and co-operation among game publishers, and between publishers and other members of the adventure game hobby community. To offer start-up game publishing companies assistance by providing basic information concerning publishing and the adventure game industry, and especially by providing a network of other game publishers with whom to share knowledge, experience, and resources. To assist established game publishing companies in reaching their full potential through continued sharing and pooling of ideas, knowledge, skills, and resources. To create and foster better lines of communication between publishers and distributors, between publishers and retailers, and between publishers and retail customers. To encourage ethical and courteous behavior by all its members when dealing with one another and with other members of the adventure game hobby community. And to promote the adventure game industry as a whole.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

Best regards,

Ann Dupuis
Director, GPA
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